Your spiritual awakening doesn't

have to be confusing

or lonely.


Ancestral DNA Activation is a lifestyle. And it takes a village. Scroll down to learn more about Noble Indigos: our global aboriginal wellness community of faithkeepers, committed to upholding spiritual sovereignty and creating generational abundance through reclaiming indigenous traditions for healing. Activate the healer within you, it's your birthright.



  • Global community + Sisterhood support

  • Ancestral awakening & Wellness Support & Tools

  • Exclusive Access Content & Events 




Your self care regimen is about to have it's own glow-up. Indulge in an array of wholistic small-batch self care products and wellness services. Be the first to know about new product launches, updates on our upcoming Noble Bazaar Pop Up Tour & members only sacred gatherings  

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you unlock when you join Noble Indigos

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Global community + Sisterhood support

  • Complimentary Monthly Womb Circle Access + Recordings

  • Access to Noble Indigo Forum & Members Only Groups on our App (Topics: Spiritual Herbalism, Aboriginal Law & History Study Group, Crystal Lovers, Local Meet-Ups)

  • Add your upcoming event to our community calendar

Ancestral awakening & Wellness Support & Tools

  • Access to digital spiritual wellness tools archive ( fruit & chant fast guide, journaling prompts for transformation, chakra guides + more)

  • Access to our digital archive of rare literature

  • First to know about Noble Bazaar updates and members only gatherings


Exclusive access

  • First to know about virtual and IRL special events and sacred ceremonies

  • First to know about educational opportunities in the areas of the healing arts, entrepreneurship & wholistic wellness.

  • Access to members only virtual and IRL gatherings

  • Access to members only Sacredly Sovereign Vlog content



Hey Sister Boss, 

Are you ready to take your intuitive business / practice to the next level? One of the pillars of Noble Indigos has always been supporting our sisters to start and grow their businesses. Make this spring equinox the season you join the Noble Bazaar Collective and invest in your dream. Generational wealth is your birthright too.  


Offer your Wholistic product or service at the bazaar

Grow your community in an intentional way, drive traffic to your website, get more brand exposure through collective paid digital advertising.

Intuitive Entrepreneurial Cultivation

Monthly Webinars on a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship, Monthly Mastermind / Accountability Sessions, Collective sourcing & vending opportunities. 15% off of our upcoming Circle Keeper Course and Accelerator Program

Business Resources, Community Support

Complementary monthly womb circle access & recordings, Entrepreneur Forum & Member Directory, Library of Webinars, Start-Up tools, checklists and DIY worksheets, First notice on funding opportunities, spiritual wellness tools for entrepreneurs

Private Consulting & Accountability Support

Get clear on your business strategy with private coaching sessions specifically for your business. Enjoy your first session complimentary.


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Do you have a brick and mortar business? We invite you to join the Noble Bazaar Collective as a Sister Organization. As a sister organization you will have access to all the benefits of the collective in addition to:

- Listing your business on our geographically organized directory to increase local traffic to your business.


Our current sister organizations are Mamiwas of the Round Table who lead mediation at our monthly womb circle and Sip.Shop.Eat who provide entrepreneurial support to the collective.

The Noble Bazaar Collective is currently open, and seeking:


Noble Services

  • Meditation

  • Divination

  • Yoga

  • Breathwork

  • Nutrition / Diet Transitioning Consulting


Wholistic Self Care Products & Home Decor

  • Skincare

  • Body Care

  • Hair Care

  • Yoni Steams

  • Herbs

  • Crystals

  • Intentional / Handmade Home Decor


Sacred Garb & Adornments

  • Handmade Jewelry

  • Handmade Crochet Items

  • Handmade Fashion Items

  • Slow / Sustainable Fashion & Accessories

  • Turbans & Headwraps


  • You honor and revere the sacred bond of sisterhood.

  • You desire to be supported in your ancestral awakening by a global network of authentic, kind, love-centered beings committed to abundance in all forms.

  • You believe you have a unique and important soul mission

  • You think you may have aboriginal American / native American ancestry and want to explore it further.

  • You believe in the vision and success of your intuitive brand or practice and are ready to put in the work to take it to the next level.

  • You view your sisters success as your success.


  • You "don't do sisterhood"

  • You are not truly ready to embrace your intuitive gifts & transmute your shadow aspects to maximize your ancestral awakening. 

  • You feel the need to compete with others.

  • If learning new information that conflicts with your belief system upsets or angers you. 

  • You don't believe you can realize your entrepreneurial aspirations.

  • You don't feel as though you have the power to heal yourself.

  • You have a hard time respecting the boundaries of others.

  • You're not ready to invest in yourself.

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Noble Village


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Noble Bazaar Collective


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