The Earth Star Chakra, Birthrights, Nationality & Collective Shadow Work

Gratitude to the Great Spirit for always being a present and guiding force. I feel really blessed to be able to unveil, during the Aquarius season of the Aquarian Age, my brand new vlog series of study sessions surrounding aboriginal American herstory, culture and spirituality. Researching my ancestry over the last several years, under the loving guidance of my elders, ancestors and Allah, I have discovered and faced many shadows surrounding my identity and the energetic inheritance that comes through my lineage. I have journeyed deep within the earth mothers womb to speak with her, to listen for truth.

I have sat with the shadows, had tea with them, listened to their grievances and embraced them. My heart is whole in establishing this new found understanding of my true and divine identity. The Sacredly Sovereign Vlog was created to a be a flame of resilience, a purifying breathe of relief, a watery examination of emotions and a crystallization of ones inner knowing. My prayer is that this series will serve you in the same way it has served me.

The first video is about how our Earth Star Chakra, the foundation of our electrical system and the reclamation of our birthrights, is connected to nationality, collective shadow work, and the physical and spiritual colonization of the Americas.

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Moor Love,

Mariya Aurya El

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