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The Noble Sister Circle: Soul Star

What is your contribution to the collective suppose to be? This and more will be illuminated as we transcend fear of the unknown through astrology, visit the realms of our higher self and reclaiming spiritual birthrights through shadow work.
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The Noble Sister Circle: Soul Star

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Dec 27, 2020, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST
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Your new safe space for Ancestral DNA Activation. We are diving deep into divine alignment in order to connect with the spiritual dimensions of our wombs. The Noble Sister Circle is a chakra focused womb circle that focuses on healing and elevating women through reclaiming indigenous practices for healing and wellness. Womb work is a gathering of woman that join forces to collectively purify and heal the womb on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. In return, through dialogue with the womb, we learn how to deprogram ourselves from harmful thoughts, attitudes, habits, and relationships.

This Sacred Ceremony includes sacred healing tools, guided prayers & affirmations, releases, energy readings, breathe work & yoga posturing, free prizes, dance, womb stories, and so much more!

This Circle is not associated with any singular path or religion, but rather an inclusive coming together of souls from all paths. This Circle is open to all who feel called to join. No prior meditation, circle experience, astrology knowledge or spirituality experience necessary! Come just as you are.

NOBLE SISTER CIRCLE: "Soul Star" - Itinerary

All ladies who reserve a seat will be sent a link of the recording of the circle after the event.


It is said the soul star chakra is the part of us that has never been born: it has always existed and will never die. Shamans report that at the time of death, this center expands into a luminous globe that envelops the other 7 chakras within it. Our soul star chakra is where we remember why we chose to come back to Earth and what lessons we must learn this life. It is through connecting with this center that we learn to trust ourselves and trust the journey we have chosen for ourselves in this incarnation. Why did we choose to be born in a certain place, to certain people, at a certain time? What is our contribution to the collective suppose to be? All of this and more will be illuminated at the Noble Sister Circle: Soul Star as we transcend fear of the unknown through astrology, visit the realms of our higher self through a shamanic drum journey and reclaiming spiritual birthrights through shadow work.

Chakra: Soul Star

Dress Code: White ( Wear something or bring something white )

Element: Ether

Planet: Prenatal Solar & Lunar Eclipse 

Please Bring: A journal, a pillow or yoga mat, something white, crystals, an image of an ancestor you would like to honor & anything you'd like to contribute to the virtual altar.


Astrology Workshop lead by Kateria Knows @kateriaknows - Kateria Typhani Manning is a Nevada resident, and mother of two. She is the founder and creator of The Real Family Reunion_ Return of The Gods, a royal festival, celebrating the great awakening that’s taking place on planet Earth. She is also an Astrologer and has been a student of Astrology for over 22 years, and professionally in the world of Astrology for 9 years. Kateria is largely self taught, although she attended the Academy of Cozmo- physics, a school of astrology. She studied under  Ra'Akhu Ra D'Cozmophyxian, founder of Cozmophysics, who took her understanding of Astrology to a more advanced level. She teaches Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Astrology, and she is currently obtaining ministerial degrees, Masters in Metaphysics and Doctorates in Para-Psychology.

Kateria a spiritual life coach, interpreting the messages from spirit and the Universe and conveying them to you. The Universe doesn't speak English, it speaks energy. She translates it's messages in a way that they're more easily understood. But, she is not an easy coach. She is here to help you change your life, and oftentimes that takes tough love. She don't sugarcoat anything, sugar ain't good for you anyway. " Astrology is the study of Heavens influence upon the Earth. A knower of it leads a life of a Heavenly existence." - Kateria Knows

Shamanic Drum Journey by Timmie Larode @timmiela : Timmie is a young and powerful facilitator of shamanic drum journeys.  She spent the early part of her childhood in Trinidad and Tobago where she witnessed her mom practicing healing work in her village. Timmie lives in Brooklyn where she works with clients privately and in groups offering reiki and shamanic meditation. She turns her pain into medicine , and helps others. In the journey remembering herself , she helps others do the same. She uses the medicine, the  way of her ancestors , and visions from her dreams assist her.

Intro to Shadow Work lead by Nikhol Rei @nikholrei : Nikhol Rei is a writer and shadow worker in the tropics of Honduras with her partner and son. She was born a seer/psychic; granting her abilities to tap into the darker, more unseen elements of life. This yielded her the ability to perceive things beyond the parameters of her waking, seemingly fixed, 3D reality. Publicly known for her fire and wit Nikhol Rei has managed to put psychospiritual phenomena into layman’s terms for people to better understand, comprehend and practically apply to their own lives.

Nikhol's work has grown to be the poetic pinnacle of people embracing the dark side of healing, reconnecting to their primordial nature and remaining authentic for means of alignment. Her passion for psychospiritual healing has allowed her to transcend the limitations of faulty belief systems, pay off the karmic debt of her bloodline and reclaim all associated spiritual birthrights. Her comprehension of what has been seemingly impossible to articulate has served to further the depths of her work so that it can be gracefully integrated into her raw, ever-evolving life’s philosophy.


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