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The Noble Sister Circle: Healing with the Elements PTI - Water & Earth

This month will be part I of the "Healing with the Elements" series in which we will explore the sacred manifestation of the elements within our body temples, and how we can harness these divine forces for our healing.
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The Noble Sister Circle: Healing with the Elements PTI - Water & Earth

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Jan 31, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST
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About the Event

Welcome to the Noble Sister Circle!

Your new safe space for Ancestral DNA Activation. We are diving deep into divine alignment in order to connect with the spiritual dimensions of our wombs. The Noble Sister Circle is a chakra focused aboriginal womb circle that focuses on healing and elevating women through reclaiming aboriginal practices for healing and wellness. Womb work is a gathering of woman that join forces to collectively purify and heal the womb on a physical, mental, energetic and spiritual level. In return, through dialogue with the womb and our sacred energy centers, we learn how to deprogram ourselves from harmful thoughts, attitudes, habits, and relationships. This Sacred Ceremony includes sacred healing tools, guided prayers & affirmations, releases, breathe work & meditation, free prizes, womb stories, and so much more!

This Circle is not associated with any singular path or religion, but rather an inclusive coming together of souls from all paths. This Circle is open to all who feel called to join, though our itinerary is designed to cater to aboriginal women worldwide. No prior meditation, circle experience, astrology knowledge or spirituality experience necessary! Come just as you are.

NOBLE SISTER CIRCLE: "Healing with the Elements PTI - Water & Earth" - Itinerary

All ladies who reserve a seat will be sent a link of the recording of the circle after the event.


This month will be part I of the "Healing with the Elements" series in which we will explore the sacred manifestation of the elements within our body temples, and how we can harness these divine forces for our healing. We will embark on an inner journey during our Shamanic Drum Journey , tap into our elemental subtle bodies and explore the harmonious reflections of Earth & Water signs.

Dress Code: White (Wear something or bring something white)

Element: Water & Earth

Please Bring: A journal, a pillow or yoga mat, something white, crystals, an image of an ancestor you would like to honor & anything you'd like to contribute to the virtual altar.


Shamanic Drum Journey by Timmie Larode @timmiela : Timmie is a young and powerful facilitator of shamanic drum journeys.  She spent the early part of her childhood in Trinidad and Tobago where she witnessed her mom practicing healing work in her village. Timmie lives in Brooklyn where she works with clients privately and in groups offering reiki and shamanic meditation. She turns her pain into medicine , and helps others. In the journey remembering herself , she helps others do the same. She uses the medicine, the  way of her ancestors , and visions from her dreams assist her. Some weeks into COVID-19 quarantine, she felt called to nature, and answered the call being divinely guided the The Sanctuary in the Catskills. With prayer, she is asking her community for support. Her Prayer is to purchase a yurt. With a yurt, she will be able to have a private resting space while I continue to learn on the land with her teacher as well as a space for her clients without interfering with the Maloka. This space will be open to anyone who wants to visit and escape the busy city. Donate to her Go Fund Me HERE

Using the Elements to Heal Your Aura: PT I lead by Mariya Aurya El @magickmooress - Mariya is an intuitive fashion designer and energy healer gifted in creating talismanic adornments for chakra support. She assists her clients in tapping into their cosmic style on an energetic level and in her Goat - like fashion utilizes the sacred vibrations of the elements to achieve this. You are your altar. The elements are within you. This month we will tune into and explore our subtle bodies relating to the Earth and Water element. Learn how to interpret your bodies' vibrational language, balance your koshas and care for your vessel in the intuitive way that only you can.


Evenly Yoked Relations: Earth & Water Signs - Ever wonder why you always clashed with that certain someone in your life? Tap into this informative discussion to become the alchemist of your relationships by aligning with beings that are most harmonious with your astrological vibration. We will explore the Earth and Water signs most harmonious partners for love, friendship, business and more!

Sacred Ceremony:

Transformation & Abundance Manifestation - Programming our destiny through the sacred element of water. 

Please bring 2 glasses of water, 2 pieces of paper, something to write with. 


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This month's womb circle is by donation.


Venmo: Noble-Indigos

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