Ancient Wisdom to Heal a Nation.

We are our own healers.

Noble Indigos was created as a love offering and an act of service to uplift melanated nations, identifying as POC, from dis-ease through decolonizing the mind, body and spirit. As a result of historic oppression, genocide and blatant miseducation, many have become disconnected from source, self and ancestral traditions due to our disconnection from nature. But, it wasn't always this way. And this doesn't have to be your reality.

Noble Indigos specializes in facilitating education, sacred ceremonies and retreats created for reestablishing this connection for ancestral healing and DNA activation. Reclaim the birthright of healing yourself and 7 generations! 

Noble Indigos was established in 2019, hosting monthly chakra themed womb circles held around New York City. In March of 2020, our circle went virtual and within the same month we launched our first annual free" Divine Download: Virtual Retreat" as a response to the mass anxiety that swept the globe at this time. Since then we have hosted; " The Divine Feminine Activation Retreat: Fall Equinox" in Woodstock, NY and "The Indigo Activation by the River" in upper Manhattan. Please follow us on instagram to see photos of these experiences!



Mariya Aurya El

Intuitive Fashion Designer, Chakra Specialist, Crystal Healer

Peace and Divine Greetings !

My name is Mariya Aurya El and I am a Moorish-American intuitive fashion designer + spirit decolonizer. Within Moorish culture we have a saying "Learn to love and not hate." I assist my clients in chakra alignment to achieve a love frequency through cleansing and strengthening the auric field. Using shamanic energy medicine and color therapy, I design sacred garbs, talismans & amulets, ascension tools and chi boosting regimens that channel healing, protection and confidence to the the wearer. I am also the founder of aboriginal wellness community Noble Indigos and host of the Noble Sister Circle every last Sunday of the month. 


After four years of working and attending university full time, suppressing my intuitive gifts, repressing my trauma and feeding myself garbage; I was depressed, confused, parasitic, lonely and burnt out. I knew I needed to make a change and heal so I began to explore 'alternative' forms of healing. This happened around the same time I began to explore my indigenous American roots more deeply. I realized that many of the practices I had labeled as 'belonging to someone else's culture' also belonged to my ancestral traditions! Through connecting with my ancestors my eyes have opened to a world of holistic practices for wellness that are not 'alternative' rather the original. I also became painfully aware of the necessity of sacred spaces within the wellness space that authentically and effectively serve the healing needs of melanated beings worldwide. A wise elder once told me, after listening to my rant about what I wish existed, said "Our complaint is our assignment." I longed for a safe space to explore these traditions among people who looked and thought like me. I longed for a mentor to guide me through my healing, my soul trybe to materialize and healing to take place. The mentor never manifested but Noble Indigos was born. I didn't know it at the time but the most high had ordained me, within my bloodline, to do this work. And no worldly validation could prepare me for the path only I could walk. It was hard to accept at first, but I knew I had to become my own mentor. I had to close all contracts I had with individuals and entities I was contracting with to fill a void within myself. A void that made me believe that someone outside of myself knew what was best for me when it came to my health and spirituality. The most high gave me the opportunity to reclaim my spiritual sovereignty by standing in my authenticity and trusting my ability to save myself. This allowed me to dispel inherited limiting beliefs, break karmic patterns from ancestral trauma, heal my depression, get rid of severe skin problems, improve my gut health, achieve mental clarity and most importantly attract my soul trybe / sister circle. I look forward to Noble Indigos continuing to be a conduit of transformation and light within the lives of all who feel called to decolonize the mind, body and spirit. If you are ready to take your power back and reclaim healing for your bloodline, let's support each other in activating the sovereign healer within.